Application of Screen Printing in Modern Industries

Screen printing is the traditional form of printing that uses a stencil and a woven mesh. The technique was developed since ages and several civilizations have brought significant changes and improvements in its methods. Screen printing has its origins in China and the art was spread to different Asian countries from there.

Screen-printing came to western countries in the late sixteenth century. Since then several developments were made to this age old art of printing but still people use the technique to produce quality fabric prints.

Screen printing is primarily used for printing t-shirts. Even today when our markets are strewn with high quality digital printers, screen printing does almost 70 percent of the printing jobs for our fabrics industry. This proves the fact that the technology is still in trend. Cost effectiveness is one of the main reasons for this phenomenon. Screen-printing may take time to produce certain amount of printouts but they are feasible in large production factories.

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