Bring Your Walls to Life With Wall Art and Mirrors

If you are in the process of decorating your home, or perhaps just want to enhance the look of a room then a great place to start is with the walls. A house without walls just doesn’t exist and if you take time to stand back and really think about your walls you will realise you have huge swathes of surface area just waiting to have life breathed into them.

Wallpaper and paints are the obvious wall coverings, but they can be boring. Pictures and photographs are a little more traditional, but perhaps not suited to every room. You may find that to add real character and depth to a wall you need to add some accessories including mirrors and wall art.

Mirrors are a great way of adding light and a sense of space to a room and they come in an endless range of designs, shapes and sizes. The trick is to choose the right kind of mirror for the room and then to hang it correctly. If you want to create a real focal point using mirrors you need to be imaginative and done be afraid to take risks. In the living room you may have traditionally hung a mirror above the fireplace to nice effect.

To make more of an impact why not try hanging a pair of identical mirrors instead, or a cluster of mirrors in an assortment of shapes. The effect can be much more striking than just one solitary mirror. Alternatively, if you prefer to hang just one mirror in a room search out a “statement” mirror – something with a real “wow factor”. Go for bold shapes and the impact can be amazing.

Mirrored home accessories are now very fashionable, and you can buy pieces from small jewellery boxes right up to drawers and dressers which have a completely mirrored finish. Displayed in the correct setting such accessories can look striking, whilst at the same time blending seamlessly into the room.

In addition to mirrors you can also add real character to a room by adding key pieces of wall art. Modern wall art is a twist on the traditional picture in a frame – in fact in many cases it is not in a frame at all. Wall art could be a canvas stretched over a wooden frame, a slate carving suspended with chains or even a glass or metal sculpture. You can find quality pieces of wall art from online boutique stores, and the beauty of buying from such stores is that the pieces tend to be less mass market and more unique and handmade.